Welcome to Children’s Credit Crisis.org. A recent study by Javelin Strategy and Research shows that one child in every classroom had one or more credit files using their Social Security number. Key findings include:

  • The study discovered 5% of children had one or more credit reports using their social security number (SSN), and 54% of those children were victims of identity theft.
  • Among those 5%, the children had on average $12,779 in fraudulent or wrongly assigned debt.
  • While the study found that children were more likely to find problems in their credit histories as they aged, an astonishing 12% of those with problems were age 5 and under.

Fraudulent use of a child's information can wreak havoc on his or her financial future, potentially leading to the denial of credit, student loans, housing or employment at a time when that child may need it the most.

The mission of this site is to provide parents, governments and industry professionals a complete resource to understand and combat child identity theft.

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